Can I apply for the program even after the application deadline?

You have to apply by the end of April in any given academic year to be admitted into the program. Our best advice to international students is to apply as soon as possible since the visa process and administrative university procedures might take a long time (usually several months).

What are the requirements for the English language proficiency?

We require an official English language certificate on B2 Common European Framework level (e.g. TOEFL, FCE, …) unless whole or part of the bachelor program was completed in English language. If you are not familiar with the Common European Framework and the scores needed for a specific English exam you can consult this website. If your doubts persist, do not hesitate to contact us directly at eva.zwakova@upol.cz

Do I need to know the Czech language?

No, there is no need to speak Czech language. Learning Czech is totally optional. Olomouc is a metropolitan city and in most places you can speak English, although you might find it useful to learn some basic Czech phrases. You can use one of many language schools offering Czech language for foreigners.

Can I apply for the program even though I don’t  speak any other foreign language (except English)?

Yes, you can.

What is included in the tuition fees?

The tuition fees cover all lectures, seminars, workshops, consultations with teachers and access to Moodle platform as well as to University library.

Do I have to pay the tuition fees at once?

You have to pay the lump sum before the beginning of the winter semester of the respective academic year (the end of September). However, in justified cases, the Dean may decide on a different due date.

Where am I supposed to send tuition fees payment?

Information about the payment is following:
Bank name: Komerční banka, Olomouc
Account number – IBAN: CZ9801000000433855090287
Account holder: Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, Křížkovského 8, 771 11 Olomouc
Payment description: your name, FS-PAPL
Reference No.: 3154
Confirmation of payment must be given to to the program coordinator Mr. Martin Schlossarek. Alternatively, it is possible to send a scan of the confirmation by email.

How is the academic year structured, i.e. how is the academic year divided between teaching period and examination period?

The academic year is organized into a two semester system. The teaching in the winter semester starts in September and ends in December and the summer semester teaching period starts in February and ends in May. The second half of December, month of January, second half of May and the month of June are dedicated to the examinations.

What is the grading system at the Palacky University Olomouc?

A course can be completed with a colloquium, pre-exam credit, or with an exam. The grading system at the Palacky University Olomouc is based on an A – F scale, i.e. A – the maximum you can achieve, F – failed.

What is the credit minimum I have to earn during an academic year?

Forty credits is the minimum of credits that have to be earned during an academic year. However, sixty credits are the recommended amount during an academic year.

Is the program offered also online?

No, this is a full-time program.

Is attendance at the courses compulsory?

For the successful completion of the program, the attendance in the majority of courses is compulsory.

Where do I get the study material?

Majority of the material is accessible online through Moodle platform. Access to Moodle platform is provided to all students of the program for free. You can also borrow study manuals and books in the University library.

Will I be able to access the University library?

Yes, once you become a holder of an ISIC (International Student Identity Card), you will get access to the University library.

Does the Palacky University provide students with a dormitory?

Yes, once you are admitted to the program, the University makes an arrangement for your accommodation and sends you the official letter of accommodation that you need to show in the dormitory upon arrival. Once in the dormitory, you have to pay the dormitory fee (80-130 EUR per month). Before you arrive, please, make sure that you know the address of the accommodation. Here you can find more information about Palacky University accommodation.

How far is the dormitory located from the Department of Development Studies?

The Department of Development and Environmental Studies is 10 tram stops away from the dormitory which equals to approximately 15-minute ride.

Will I have access to Internet in the dormitory?

Yes, there is the internet access in all dormitory buildings.

Do students have any discount for the public transportation, stores, etc.?

As an ISIC holder, you will be offered with different discounts. You can find more information about the discounts on this website.

What is the cost of living in the Czech Republic?

The cost of living in the Czech Republic is much lower than in Western Europe. Moreover, Olomouc is even more affordable than other Czech cities. 

Many students confirm that 500 €/month was enough to live in Olomouc. See examples of the costs in Olomouc.

Where can I find more information about the city of Olomouc (transportation, accommodation, meals, etc)?

You can check the following websites: