Research & Publications

Research Areas

The Department of Development Studies research activities are specialized mainly on five areas of development and environmental studies:

  1. Pro-poor growth and inequality
  2. Aid effectiveness
  3. Development and environmental indicators
  4. Land use and ecosystem services
  5. Applying Landscape Ecology in Biological Conservation, especially in the frame of Forest Ecosystems

For the research orientation of individual researchers, please see the profiles of department members.

DEF Journal

Development, Environment and Foresight (DEF Journal) publishes articles about recent research achievements within Environmental Studies, Development Studies and Foresight. The goal of this journal is to track the development tendency of these fields of expertise and make contributions in the development of the subject.

The journal is published by the Department of Development Studies, the first in Central and Eastern Europe to earn the highly prestigious EADI accreditation (IAC/EADI Accreditation – The International Accreditation Council for Global Development Studies and Research) for the International Development Studies Master’s Program. For more information about DEF Journal please follow the link.

Selected Publications

Please see the individual staff profiles for a list of current publications.