Development Studies and Foresight

About the program

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We offer Development Studies and Foresight study master program (2 years) in which the students are selecting one specialization in:

  1. International Development Studies 
  2. Foresight 

It is a two-year, full-time program designed not only for bachelor students with a development and environmental studies background but also for students from related fields interested in international development and foresight.

The program provides students with key knowledge and skills for a deeper understanding of problems affecting developing countries and the policies of international development, including the skills for qualitative and quantitative research. The study program is based on three main pillars:

  • Theoretical background 
  • Methodological background 
  • Regional orientation 

Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded the title of “Magister,” abbreviated as “Mgr.” which is equivalent to a Master of Science (M.Sc.). Graduates are equipped to work in the field of international development in the public sector and private industry, as well as in governmental and non-governmental organizations at both the national and international levels. Graduates can also find the opportunity to work as experts in projects run in low-income countries, especially in the organizing and administering of projects both in the donor and target country, in diplomatic service, or the academic sector.

What do we offer?

  • the unique and attractive program taught by young but experienced lecturers: we are the first university in Central Europe which started to offer master program focused on International Development Studies and Foresight
  • great opportunities to spend part of your studies in another country: we are in partnership with more than 25 universities all around the world
  • refreshing international environment: plenty of students from abroad study in our department
  • opportunity to be involved in the community of very active students: our students established their own club called “Sustainable Palacký”
  • facilities of prestigious faculty and of a university with more than four hundred years of tradition
  • the environment of one of the most beautiful and historical cities in Europe


Why study International Development Studies?

What is it development and how is it perceived by different people? What are the keys to improving the livelihoods of the poor? Appropriate economic policy, good governance, natural resources, education and health care are all important, but how exactly should they be approached considering country specifics in the global context? Suppose you are eager to look for the answers to these questions. In that case, you are the right person to study at the Department of Development and Environmental Studies at Palacký University Olomouc!

Why study Foresight?

We all are living in a dynamic and ever-changing world. Change and novelty are often perceived with doubts, and humans have always tried to cope with these doubts by predicting the future. Although we know today that the future cannot be predicted, it can certainly be anticipated and shaped. Foresight is about anticipation and shaping of future.

There is notable but not complete overlap between foresight and strategic planning, change management, forecasting, and design thinking. Foresight includes:

  • understanding the relevant recent past
  • scanning to collect insight into present
  • environment research to explore possible trend breaks that may lead to alternative futures
  • visioning to define preferred future states
  • designing strategies to craft this future


Read more about Foresight

The FOR-LEARN Online Foresight Guide

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